Our History

Few people have truly discovered the secret to “La Dolce Vita” (the sweet life) like Anthony M. Rizzo Sr., founder of The Rizzo Corporation, who truly lives the sweet life. His secret? He lives by three simple rules which are at the core of the Rizzo Corporation Philosophy:

  1. Provide the client with honest service, quality production and reasonable prices;
  2. Run a family business by the values of respect, honor, integrity;
  3. Value the client and show appreciation by giving back to the community that supports your business and your customers’ business.

These rules are indicative of the family qualities that make the Rizzo Corporation such a valuable choice in contracting. Respect, integrity, and personal service, qualities often missing in business, are essential in maintaining not only family structure, but also a business of which the Rizzo family can be proud. Whether the account is for $250.00 or $25,000,000.00, each customer can feel like part of the family because each time Rizzo accepts a contract, that customer is treated with honor, respect, and integrity.

The second generation of the Rizzo family, Anthony Rizzo Jr., has led the Corporation since 1992, and he continues to carry on those same principals of his father. Anthony Rizzo III, as well as several other 3rd generation family members, has joined the ranks and all are learning the family business from the bottom up, marking the third generation of the Rizzo family involved in the management of several key projects. The Rizzo Corporation is one of the few area construction companies that is truly family owned and operated.

By maintaining these values, the Rizzo Family has built a business that truly delivers “Service with Peace of Mind”.