Rizzo Corporation Chosen as Construction Manager for $65M Bethel Schools Project

Rizzo will be responsible for renovating “as new” the Johnson and Rockwell elementary schools located within the Bethel Education Park. Both schools will include extensive interior/exterior renovations and finishes, new mechanical and electrical systems, roof replacements, site reconfigurations, and multiple additions. The Town of Bethel decided to change the school structures with this renovation; Johnson School will now house grades 3 – 5, while Rockwell will house grades K – 2, and Berry will include Pre-K – 2, effectively moving the third grade from both Rockwell and Berry to Johnson in an effort to further develop “school community”.

Each Bethel school is considered a separate project by the state but both will run concurrently and fall under the management of Rizzo Corporation. The pre-construction effort has begun and construction is scheduled to start this year. Both schools are projected to be completed in August of 2020, ready for the 2020-2021 school year.

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