Rizzo Signs Letter of Intent, Work at Danbury High School Starts with Roof

Plans are drawn and the first work on Danbury High School’s addition will be replacing part of the school’s 180,000-square-foot roof. Because the school has so many buildings and elevations, the roofs were installed at different times and are failing at different rates.
By the completion of the addition project, all roofs will be replaced.

high school2The roof replacement is step number one in an addition funded by a roughly $62 million bond package approved by Danbury voters in 2015.
The addition of a new building will take several years, but relocating some underground utilities, building the foundation, and erecting some of the steel may occur in 2016.
Danbury High School officials anticipate roughly 300 new students in what is already Connecticut’s most populous high school, and the existing building doesn’t have space for them.
Other work will include expanding or replacing both the fire sprinkler system and the fire alarm system to provide coverage to all portions of the building.

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